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12.8. 2014

Tasting of Slovak mead in The Mead Museum

Finally my friend Mirek persuaded me to prepare a mead tasting in English in our Mead Museum.

Mead museum, Myslikova street No. 23, Prague 1
úterý 12.srpna 2014 19:00
úterý 12.srpna 2014 22:00
200 Kč



• familiarization with the project Mead Museum - exceptional place where you can find almost all official producers of mead from Czech and Slovak republic

• interpretation of the history and production of mead

• tasting about 4 samples of single-kind honey

• tasting about 12 samples of best Slovak meads
including archival, barrique or limited editions or delicious fruit mead, world's award winners

Price: 200 CZK (Includes small snacks - bread, cheese)

After that you can continue tasting of others about 20 or more kinds of czech honeywines

...BTW: Did you know that mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage?

Looking forward to see you at The Small Mead Museum on historically the first mead tasting in English :-))

Miroslav & Jirka

Zveřejněno: 18.ledna 2015 12:16


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